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A platform-chassis solution for smart city's street lights

A unified street light platform which allows performing automated repairs and upgrades done by UAV (drones) will provide a cheap and fast street light maintenance and will serve as a platform for the development of a smart city.

Meet the team

A core team consists of professionals with assigned roles

Alexey Leshchev

Founder, CEO. A visioner, an owner of several patents. A founder of a company that resides in Skolkovo Innovation Center (Moscow)

Viktor Elkin

Business Development Manager. An MBA degree from HULT (Boston, MA). Business owner, experienced senior manager

Ibrahim Nizar Ibrahim

Scientific Supervisor. Education: MSc in Automation and Control - Damascus University, Ph.D. Student, Department Mechatronic Systems - IzhSTU (Russia).

Specialist: design and develop embedded software for onboard processors and FPGA boards for robotic applications and automated control systems

Alexey Lubimov

Software Engineer, Systems Analyst. A certified Project Manager Professional with a master’s degree from IzhSTU (Russia)

Olga Rodnikova

Design Engineer. A Master’s degree from Moscow State Technical University named after Bauman. Participated in several projects of developing LED street lights as a Lead Engineer

Kirill Efremov

Mechatronic Engineer. Education: MSc of Mechatronic Systems Department - IzhSTU (Russia).

Specialist: design robotic systems, electronics and software development for microcontrollers

We are open to new members who can significantly contribute to the development of the project. Please, e-mail us directly at with related inquiries.


+1 (617) 800-9985


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Alexey Leschev won main prize at Open Innovations Startup Tour

Alexey Leschev, the founder of Eireen Automatics project, presented two of his projects at Open Innovation Startup Tour organized by Skolkovo (Innovation Center in Moscow). 

A platform-chassis solution for smart city's street lights was highly valued by the jury members, whereas Lagrolis project was designated a first prize winner.